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Our apartments Vienna, Austria have a valuation of 8.3 over 10 based upon 369 opinions. Book your apartment from 60EUR/ night.

Apartments in Vienna – Boutique Holiday Rentals

Vienna leans on the crux of old and new. Contemporary designs sit shoulder to shoulder with classic art nouveau buildings, whilst age-old traditions are brought into the present day in trendy cafés, white-cube galleries, and along flawless boulevards. The city sings with music, too, having been the birthplace of numerous classical composers over the years. Its elegant culture sits hand in hand with its array of grand buildings, from palaces and churches to great, intricate museums and monuments. And then, between the rich histories, there’s etchings of the modern world. Lush courtyards burst with the lively atmosphere of young residents, glass-fronted buildings hum with futuristic possibilities, and contemporary street art dresses the city up in a flurry of colour. You just have to wander through the maze of streets to see past, present, and future worlds open up in this eclectic city. Explore the many sides of Vienna with our range of cheap studios and boutique holiday rentals. Check into one of our apartments in Vienna and start discovering the finer points.

A Postcard of Picturesque Palaces - Things to do in Vienna

Our collection of Vienna apartments lie all over the city and many can be found within walking distance of the top sights.

Vienna apartments – Vienna Accommodation

Venturing into Vienna’s Lesser-Known Hotspots

Vienna has a great number of famous landmarks and attractions, all of which draw in thousands of visitors every single year. But there are also some lesser-known areas that offer the perfect opportunity to get to know more about the local lifestyle.

Start by visiting Hundertwasser House, one of the city’s more secret architectural wonders. Bursting with a flurry of bright colours, you’d could be mistaken for thinking this was a large painting adorning the street. It is, in fact, an apartment block designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a well-known and celebrated Austrian painter. Built between 1983 and 1985, it boasts trees growing inside the apartments and a hidden roof garden.

For another lesser-visited architectural delight, head to the Republic of Kugelmugel. This eye-catching round house is considered to be its own republic and is set inside a park after being moved from its initial home on a hillside. Built by Edwin Lipburger, an Austrian artist, it was his way of cutting himself off from the city after having a bad experience with building permits.

To really get a feel for Vienna’s atmosphere, head to the quiet streets of Taborstrasse, a peaceful and beautiful district of the city. It’s also known as the Jewish District, and boasts a flurry of characterful architecture, quirky shops, and open-air markets.

Dig a little deeper into the lesser-known parts of the city from the comfort of one of our Vienna apartments.

Vienna Accommodation

Vienna is a grand city with lots of impressive art nouveau buildings and great bastions of culture. Vienna accommodation taps into this regal vibe of the city, offering a menu of boutique hotels that are set inside huge, historic buildings with opulent décor and luxurious amenities. But this isn’t the only thing Vienna has to offer in terms of holiday accommodation. There are also plenty of stylish hostels to keep up with the growing trend of young visitors, as well as unique rental apartments that provide a great way to explore everything the city has to offer.

Arriving in Vienna – How to Get From the Airport to the City Centre

Vienna’s international airport is located about 12 miles outside of the city centre and offers a number of different options to get into town.

You can hop on the cheap and cheerful S7 commuter train which runs from the airport to Wien Mitte. It’s a great introduction into local life and is extremely budget friendly. Alternatively there’s the City Airport train. It travels the same route as the S7 but in half the time. It also costs considerably more than the local train but, if you’re in a hurry it’s the perfect option.

Then there’s the CAT bus service that offers three lines from the airport to different locations around the city. It tends to be quicker and cheaper than the trains depending on traffic, and is a great way to catch a glimpse of the city as you arrive.

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