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Bucharest area 90 Apartments
Constanța County 19 Apartments
Brașov County 16 Apartments
Cluj County 10 Apartments
Timiș County 8 Apartments
Sibiu area 5 Apartments
Mureș County 3 Apartments
Prahova 2 Apartments
Iași County 2 Apartments


Bucharest 90 Apartments
Constanța 13 Apartments
Brașov 12 Apartments
Timișoara 8 Apartments
Cluj-Napoca 8 Apartments
Sibiu 4 Apartments
Eforie Nord 3 Apartments
Predeal 3 Apartments

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Our apartments Romania have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 87 opinions. Book your apartment from US$32 / night.
Romania is, without a doubt, associated with one of his most famous characters, Count Dracula. Hence Transylvania (the vampire’s place of origin of), is one of the most famous and most visited spots in the country. Romania boasts immense mountains, thick forests and of course, castles. One of the most famous, Bran Castle, is situated in Brasov . However, there is more to Romania than Count Dracula: the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta, the monasteries in northern Moldavia and the ancient traditions of Maramures can all be found here. In addition, its people are very hospitable.
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