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Fira de Barcelona 20 Apartments
Palau Sant Jordi 18 Apartments
Las Ramblas 11 Apartments
Camp Nou 10 Apartments
Casa Batlló 9 Apartments
Platja del Bogatell 8 Apartments
Plaza Real 4 Apartments
Parque Güell 2 Apartments
La Boqueria 1 Apartment
Puerto Olímpico 1 Apartment

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Our apartments Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 37 opinions. Book your apartment from US$58 / night.

Apartments Close to the Sagrada Familia: Tourist Accommodation

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece and Barcelona’s urban brand. Construction of this building, which oozes symbolism, began in 1882 when the first stone was laid on a plot of land that covered 12,800 square meters. Marina Street, Provença Street, Sardenya Street and Mallorca Street border this plot of land. One year later, the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi took charge of the project. Once the crypt was finished and work had begun on the apse, Gaudi developed a proposal for a huge neo-gothic construction that would have five naves, three entrances and eighteen towers. He made it into his masterpiece, which would become famous and be studied and admired in universities of architectural studies all over the world.

Gaudi had an incredible sense of shape and volume. An advocate of modernism, he created his own style by combining the neo-gothic style with Eastern styled patterns and shapes that were inspired by his observation of nature. All of his work is influenced by observing natural structures as well as by religion. His first important piece of work was Casa Vicens.

In 1915, following a series of tragedies and economic problems, Gaudi sought refuge in his work and completely devoted himself to the Sagrada Familia, to the point where he lived in his office surrounded by the maps and models of what would become the Sagrada Familia. In 1925 he finished the first steeple. The following year he was killed when he was knocked over by a tram.

The Sagrada Familia was so important to Gaudi that he left detailed models of each of the naves in case he should die. The basilica’s 18 towers are divided into the following groups: 12 towers that represent the apostles and 4 that represent the evangelists. The remaining 2 represent Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The stained glass windows, which project natural light into the building, are also important features.

It took more than a century to build the present Sagrada Familia as the models of the building were severely damaged during the Civil War. Efforts have been made since then to reconstruct the designs, but the complex shapes in the biblical scenes designed by Gaudi make this difficult, and a computer program to make a projection of the church pillars has still not been successfully created. It is estimated that the Sagrada Familia will be completed in 2026.

Rental holidays apartments in Sagrada Familia

Accommodation Close to the Sagrada Familia

The area surrounding the majestic Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. It features residential streets and local activities and daily life revolves around the market, cafés and the visitors that arrive from all over the world. The area has an almost family-orientated vibe and there is a wide variety of accommodation available. It ranges from upscale hotels located next to the basilica to well-located smaller hotels that have services varying in quality.

If you want style, class and good prices, the best option is to rent an apartment. You can find apartments that are very well located, spacious, with lots of light, well equipped and with great decor. They have Wi-Fi, are easy to get to from other places and, best of all, you will have the complete freedom associated with having your own space. If the only thing you are worried about is having a place to sleep and taking a shower then studios and B&B’s are the right type of accommodation for you. Take a look and you will find beautiful, well-equipped studios with Wi-Fi that are close to all means of transport. For younger people with a lower budget, there are very reasonably priced hostels, boarding houses and guesthouses close by. As you can see, there is a wide and varied range of options available. Take a look at our catalogue of apartments close to the Sagrada Familia and rent the one that suits you best so that you can make the most of your free time.

Places to Visit Close to the Sagrada Familia

In addition to everything mentioned above, you can also find restaurants, bars and cafés in the area. Our apartments located close to the Sagrada Familia are very popular and are booked very far in advance. So, don’t think too hard about it, or someone will have already rented the apartment you want.

How to Get to the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona - El Prat Airport is 15 kilometers away from the city center. You can take the No.46 bus to Plaza España, where you can continue by taxi or by metro (Line 1) to the Universitat station. There, change to Line 2 and get off at Sagrada Familia station. You can get a taxi at any of the airport terminals. They do not have a fixed price.

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