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Our apartments Turin, Italy have a valuation of 4.2 over 5 based on 12 opinions. Book your apartment from US$68 / night.

Apartments in Turin – Cheap Holiday Rentals

Turin is a patchwork quilt of grand boulevards shot through with winding laneways, impressive art nouveau architecture, and an elegant, rich history that penetrates every twist and turn. At one point in time, this characterful city was Italy’s capital, but today it remains a portal to the past mixed with a vibrant burst of new. Because, after the Winter Olympics in 2006 Turin underwent a facelift, dragging the city willingly into the present day. Now you’ll find an eclectic menu of quirky cafes, lively bars, renovated museums, and a whole new outlook on food. It’s the food that Turin does best, serving up platters of Italian favourites amongst a selection of international, experimental flavours. In fact, it was Turin that invented the first commercial hard chocolate – what’s not to like about that? Uncover the real Turin with our selection of boutique flats and affordable holiday rentals. Our apartments in Turin give you the chance to live like a local and dig a little deeper into Italian life.

Towers, Holy Linen, and Museums - Things to do in Turin

Browse through our Turin apartments which can be found all over the city – including in and around the major attractions listed above.

Turin apartments – Turin Accommodation

Turin Accommodation

The Italian charm of Turin is visible down every street and around every corner. It extends to Turin accommodation, too, which showcases traditional Italian nuances alongside a heavy dose of stylish luxury. Grand hotels pepper tree-lined boulevards, whilst lively hostels boast laidback atmospheres and holiday apartments allow visitors the chance to discover everything the city has to offer. Regardless of your budget, there’s somewhere to stay in Turin, which has both cheap accommodation options and opulent, designer places to stay.

Turin’s Roman Quarter – The Place to Party

In recent years, Turin has undergone a makeover. Whilst the threads of historical wonder still weave through the boulevards and rustic streets, there is now a colourful selection of modern bars, restaurants, and cafes to complement it.

The most notable change has been in the Roman Quarter which, at one point in time, was considered to be one of the more dangerous parts of the city. Now, however, it shows a completely different story. Instead of rundown houses and dilapidated streets, you’ll find a flurry of hipster venues, trendy wine bars, and a lively atmosphere that flows right through to the small hours of the morning. The winding, narrow streets of the Roman Quarter are the perfect backdrop for the Italian nightlife, so grab a drink and pull up a chair in one of the many stylish hangouts.

After a good night out, make sure you head back to one of our Turin apartments to catch some much needed shut-eye.

Magic and Superstitions – The Other Side of Turin

Turin doesn’t just play host to a history filled with Kings, Queens, and castles. In fact, there’s a very spiritual element to the city which not many tourists know about.

For starters, there’s the superstitions that surround the Piazza Statuto, which sits near the Porta Susa station. In the past, this square was the backdrop for executions, and is now thought to be part of a black magic triangle that connects up London and San Francisco. Legend has it that satanic rituals still take place here around the small obelisk, despite the fact that the obelisk wasn’t erected that long ago and certainly didn’t overlook many of the executions that might have taken place.

Then there’s the so-called “white energy” which meets the “black energy” from Piazzo Statuto at the gates to the Palazza Reale. The famous Holy Shroud is located inside a nearby church but used to be displayed in this very spot where thousands of religious pilgrims came to pray as they made their way to Rome. Whether you believe in black magic and the spiritual world of Turin or not, you’re bound to have an interesting time getting to the bottom of the myths and legends that veil the city.

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